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Have liver, will travel

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Under the Volcano

On our excursions to New York City, the Alcotourist and I have enjoyed many a nice glass of wine and some very fine beers (Hammerhead Stout comes to mind). But we could always count on one thing to lure us back to smoggy Los Angeles: the finest tequilas. On our last trip, however, we happened—I do mean happened—upon a spot that may yet make New Yorkers out of us.
Our original destination was The Ginger Man, a bar of many beers on tap, on E 36th Street near 5th Avenue. The Ginger Man promised amber light and amber beer, but alas, it was crowded, loud, and warmer than the subway on an August afternoon. I would give the bar a chance on a cooler evening before peak hours, with a cravat caveat: many a tie and dress shirt stands between you and your porter.
The Alcotourist and I stayed for one drink, then decided to move on or at least get back outside where we could breathe. As we crossed the street to avoid a mountain of piled-up trash bags, we saw a little nook of a place beckoning from under a painted sign: Under the Volcano. We went inside.
What awaited was a fine selection of tequilas, a collection of cozy, dimly-lit tables, and relaxed, tie-free folks imbibing. This was more like it. The Alcotourist and I grabbed a spot in the back and got a couple of veggie tacos to get us started, with a fine Herradura margarita for me (yes, a real margarita, frou frou-free with fresh lime, on the rocks!) and a sublime shot of Paradiso for The Alcotourist. There is a reason why they call it Paradiso. It was wonderful and warm, smooth and buttery but with the necessary agave herbaceousness. I tried to steal as much of it away from The Alcotourist as I could.
It was heartening to find a place in New York that knew a margarita isn't a limeade slushie with a dash of Cuervo; a place to sip a little agave nectar by candlelight. We ended the night knowing we had found a special spot, away from the Wall Street crowd, away from home. We later learned Under the Volcano is owned by those who own The Ginger Man--for when they need to get away from it all, perhaps? Who could blame them? The oasis awaits...


Blogger Finger Lakes Weekend Wino said...

Do you know of any where in the States you can get El Reserva Del Senor tequila. I bought it on a trip to Mexico and I think it's one of the smoothest tequilas I've ever tasted.

9:42 AM  

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